A bitsy game made for the moth-themed bitsy jam. 

Made withBitsy
Tagsbitsyjam, moth


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Super-cute-fun! Your writing reminds me of Earthbound

Thank you, that's high praise!

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It's got those homey, campy jokes that makes you feel cozy

this was funny -- nice work! :D I liked the gameboy-esque colors, and the use of text-in-the-world as narration


Thanks Adam! I've really enjoyed working with bitsy maker. 

Love the concept! I dug all the little details in the town. Also "space bucks" is the best thing c:

Thanks! Sweater Adventure was a hoot and a half.  'Moth High School' may be the best thing to come out of this jam.

Thank you so much!! That was my favorite good too c:

I love the little animation of the person on the bench waving their stick. The use of multiple sprites like the flickering supermarket sign is just wonderful!

Thanks James, I really enjoyed The Third Crypt! 

I am so glad you enjoyed it! ^_^